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2016 401(k) limits released

401(k) Limits Released

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We attribute more than forty years of success to standing by our core philosophy: To always strive to exceed our clients' 401(k) expectations. We consider our client relationships to be the heart of our business.

Our commitment to uncompromised 401(k) excellence has given us a reputation that goes beyond the quality of our services. Our clients have come to expect the best 401(k) service's possible, and we strive to offer nothing less. Our fee based, revenue neutral model assures every client that the services we provide represent the best interests of their business and the employees who make it a success.

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what makes us different

BIG, Inc. is unique among 401(k) consultants and administrators. First, we are not brokers - we do not sell investments. As a result, we advise our clients as to the best possible vendors rather than sell them a product.

Second, ERISA holds 401(k) plan fiduciaries to the highest legal standards. To help meet these legal requirements, we provide independent, objective consulting and the guidance necessary to effectively meet and manage ERISA standards. These important factors ensure that our interests are always aligned with the interests of our clients and the 401(k) plans we manage.

client data management

Benefit Investment Group, Inc., is pleased to offer our next generation, state-of-the art 401(k) data management and archiving system. Our forward thinking system provides sponsors, advisors, service providers and plan auditors with immediate access to critical plan data.

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what is a successful 401(k)

Successful 401(k)'s all have one thing in common, their sponsors understand 401(k)'s aren't about investing, they are about outcomes which is living comfortably in retirement. Instead of focusing on getting their participants  to retirement, successful 401(k) sponsors want to help their employees through retirement as well.

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