about Benefit Investment Group, Inc.

  • BIG, Inc. is one of the oldest and most experienced 401(k) consulting and administration firms in the Nation. Our more than 40 years of expertise allows us to provide a complete turnkey plan or any individual piece based on your needs while minimizing costs by eliminating services you don’t need.

    We Offer a Broad Perspective. If you have not had an experienced, knowledgeable consultant walk you through a detailed review of your funds and plan, you may not be getting the most value from your plan. From fiduciary concerns to fees—to simply getting the best possible retirement program—we will work to address all aspects of your plan.

    We provide Corporate Retirement Plan Support with an unparalleled knowledge of all aspects of retirement plans. Our guidance for plan sponsors includes thorough yet easy to understand investment fund monitoring, support in the fund selection and de-selection process, comprehensive participant education strategies and a system to assess all elements of your plan.