what is required for 401(k) success?

  • Successful 401(k)'s all have one thing in common, their sponsors understand 401(k)'s aren't about investing, they are about outcomes which is living comfortably in retirement. Instead of focusing on getting their participants  to retirement, successful 401(k) sponsors want to help their employees through retirement as well.

    In our daily operations, BIG, Inc. deals with a diverse group of people from CEO's, CFO's, HR or benefit professionals to Presidents, business owners and management committees. They all have different wants, needs and expectations as to how their plan should run. But in surveying these groups, four areas repeatedly came up as the areas that cause the most problems but drive the success of a plan.

    • Service
    • Communications
    • Fiduciary
    • Investments

    Service: regardless of plan size, the majority of our clients believe that the central measure of success is having employees feel confident about their prospects for a comfortable retirement.

    Communications: helping participants make better decision by having timely information and guidance empowers participants to make the right decisions. Simplifying communications in terms  a participant can understand streamlines operations.

    Fiduciary: fiduciary responsibility help protect the interests of participants and sponsors alike. Understanding and following a prudent process  assures participants that the sponsor is always looking out for their best interest.

    Investments: sponsors get hung up on one investment over another, or the cost of one versus another. If participants do not understand their plan and investment options, they are not going to use them properly.